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20th International Leprosy Congress
Manila, Philippines
11-13 September 2019




Submission Dates:  15 Oct 2018- 28 Feb 2019


Authors are invited to submit their abstracts classified by topics. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee. Accepted abstracts will be scheduled for oral or poster presentation.




A. General Guidelines


  1. Only abstracts submitted via online submission form will be forwarded to the Abstract Review Committee.  Abstracts submitted by fax or e-mail will not be accepted.
  2. Abstract submitted beyond 28 February 2019 will no longer be accepted.
  3. Multiple submissions of the same abstract are not allowed.
  4. All abstracts will be forwarded to the Review Committee after the 15 February 2019 deadline. Notification regarding the abstract status (rejected, oral /poster presentation) is between 30 March - 30 April, 2019.
  5. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication.


B. Specific Guidelines (Filling-in the Online Form)


  1. Guidelines as to the number of words, font and size of entries must be strictly followed.
  2. After completing the online form, applicant is required to attach the abstract in PDF file before clicking the submit button. Please click HERE for the abstract template and guidelines. To save time, it is advised that the applicant prepares soft copies (PDF; MSWord) of the abstract prior to the start of online submission.
  3. Each abstract will be assigned a 13-character  unique identifier, starting with pre-programmed double digits above the main characters  which represent the category and sub-category of your abstract topic. You are advised to use the 13-character code in all your correspondence regarding the abstract.
  4. Once you click the SAVE button, you will be provided an access link for you to retrieve and edit the draft. Once you click the SUBMIT button, the link becomes automatically deactivated and you are no longer allowed to edit the document.
  5. Successful submission will be acknowledged through a ready-to print copy of the completed form with a system-generated message SUBMISSION CONFIRMED! at the upper part of the document.
  6. Institutional Affiliation of Authors and Co-Authors

    In the abstract submission form, there is a section on “Institutional Affiliation of Authors and Co-Authors” where you can provide details and assign the number of institution/s the authors are affiliated with.

    The next section asks for the details of each author including the assigned number of his institution. If all authors come from the same institution, all authors will only click (1) after their names (ie- first author (1); second author (1); third author (1)). However, if the authors come from different institutions, each author has to click a specific affiliation number which corresponds to the institution he specifically represents. (eg- first author (1); second author (3); third author (2)).


For Abstract Submission

Start by choosing the thematic category of your abstract by clicking the Abstract Topic and you will be directed to the theme-specific Abstract Submission Form.

ILC1: Clinical Science

  1. Best clinical practice, health systems, training and referral
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Reactions and nerve injury
  4. Dermatology (Leprosy and its Differentials)
  5. Ophthalmology


ILC-2: Social Science

  1. History
  2. Human Rights and Discrimination
  3. Social Aspects
  4. Participation


ILC-3: Basic Science

  1. Immunology and vaccines
  2. Microbiology
  3. Molecular biology and Genetics


ILC-4: Epidemiology and Control

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Leprosy Control
  3. Prevention - Prophylaxis
  4. Transmission and diagnostics
  5. Leprosy and Other Skin NTDs/ Neglected Tropical Diseases
  6. Cross-Cutting Issues: Wound Care, WASH and Integration


ILC-5: Disability and Impairment

  1. Nerve function and impairments
  2. Prevention of disability
  3. Rehabilitation


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